The Ugly Machine Saga
The Ultimate Game Machine is a gargantuan neural processor with nodes in 500 cities around the world. It has access to everything on the internet, and everything on any computer connected to the internet. The UGM, usually called the Ugly Machine was built by Rick Koenig and Gus Byrne to create and play games. It has no other capability. It has no access to the outside world. Everything it gathers from the internet is nothing but extraneous data that it uses to create the games. In this first book in the series Rick learns that a wise cracking avatar of his father has evolved from the machine. It is a fast action thriller as Rick, with his avatar father and Maria, the beautiful Homeland Security Agent, track down Rick?s estranged ten year old daughter and rescue her from the Mexican Drug Cartels.
In Part 2 we meet a baseball player from Granbury Texas whose daughter has been murdered. This leads us to a chase for the killer and to outer space
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