The Lost Legend of Pala Duro

The story is based on two popular Texas Panhandle legends and one Mayan Prophecy.

South Boston Irish Ron Grogan is critically injured when a jackknifed eighteen wheeler rams the rear of 1979 Buick with 200 pounds of marijuana in the trunk. Lying in the ICU, he is approached by a Mayan God who informs him that the only way he can live is if he promises to convince an Indian Princess to become a Sun Priestess. He falls deeply in love with the girl only to find out that if he makes good on his promise he can never see her again.

25 Quiche Indian widows with forty children are forced from their home in the mountains of Guatemala in 1850. The Quiche culture does not provide a role for widows. They spend 10 years traveling north to the Texas panhandle where they meet with the panhandle legend Charles Goodnight and his Irish friend John Adair. They buy a hidden canyon in what is now Pala Duro Canyon State Park. 150 years later, their princess refuses to become Sun Priestess and assume control of the multi-million dollar trust fund that supports the hidden village. Ron, who is on his way to California to get his PHD in Business.

As the author explains, his narrative homes in on the relationship between its characters, adding a new depth to the much-loved legends.

"The story relates the exciting adventures of the Quiche Indians as they travel through Mexico to the US. and the exciting trip of Ron Grogan driving a 1979 Buick to California and his accident. But it is the developing relationship between Ron and Ali that provides the real pull of the story," says Provost, a prolific writer.

Continuing, "All Texans are familiar with the story of Charles Goodnight and John Adair, the legend of the Indian tribe hidden in Pala Duro park is a little more interesting as nobody really believes it. After reading my book, everyone will understand why."

However, Provost believes that his tie-in with the Mayan prophecy is what makes his book wholly-unique.

"It's spelled out in intricate detail, more detail than most other books. It's real importance quickly becomes abundantly clear - especially now that the 'end of the world' date has passed," he adds.

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